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Concrete polishing is the best way to make the most of the floor you already have! This process strengthens your concrete while making it denser as well. Not to mention, it creates a beautiful glossy finish to the floor. Polished concrete is well-suited for practically any space, from homes to businesses to industrial facilities! Our company offers professional concrete polishing services to our neighbors in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas. We bring years of experience, a strong warranty, friendly customer service, and trained concrete contractors to give our clients the best experience possible!



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    Tired of your bare concrete?

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    Polished concrete brings a variety of benefits to your bare concrete floors while giving them a beautiful new look! Combine your polished concrete floor with concrete stains, concrete stencils, or concrete scoring to create a look all your own for your home or business! Our team will work with you to create a gorgeous polished concrete floor you can utilize for years!
    Concrete Polishing Chicago

    The Concrete Polishing


    The concrete polishing process involves several steps that require close attention to detail and a trained professional team to complete successfully. It’s always recommended to hire a professional for your polished concrete project as the process also requires specialized equipment, tools, and products. Lack of equipment, poor experience, and incorrect tools are the recipe for a disastrous concrete polishing experience. Our team has the skills, equipment, and experience for the job! We’ll work to ensure your polished concrete floor is of the highest quality!
    The concrete polishing process begins with your existing concrete floor being cleaned and inspected for damage, such as cracking, chipping, or flaking. Any discovered damage will need to be repaired before we continue the process. Minor blemishes, such as pits or dents, don’t necessitate repairs as they’ll be buffed out during the rough grind. After repairs are finished, we can start the rough grind. This is performed to remove minor blemishes, open the floor’s pores for the sealer, and prep the floor for polishing. Rough grinding the floor is done with a floor grinder fitted with a coarse diamond grinding wheel. We’ll use a finer grit wheel with each pass for roughly three to four passes. With the rough grind complete, an impregnating sealer is applied to the floor. This sealer soaks into the floor, protecting it from the inside out. The impregnating sealer also strengthens and densifies the concrete, making the surface non-porous. After the sealer is in place and dried, we can start the actual polishing. This is accomplished with a floor grinder equipped with a fine polishing wheel. We make four to five passes with a finer grit polishing wheel each time. For the final round of polishing, your floor can be finished with a 1,500 or 3,000 grit polishing wheel, depending on the level of sheen you wish your floor to have. Once the polishing is complete, and any cleanup is finished, your newly polished concrete floor is ready for full use, including foot and vehicle traffic!

    Where to Install

    Polished Concrete

    Polished concrete is a sustainable flooring solution that can find a home virtually anywhere! These floors perform well everywhere, from homes to businesses to industrial complexes. Check out some of the most popular polished concrete applications below:

    Residential Polished Concrete: Concrete polishing can be an excellent choice for many spaces around your home. Whether you’re updating your garage floor, improving your basement space, or creating a unique, new look in your kitchen or living room, polished concrete is a customizable, durable floor anywhere in your house! With various options in colors and patterns using concrete stains and stenciling, you can design the perfect floor for your home!

    Commercial Polished Concrete: When you’re looking for a professional, long-lasting floor that’s sure to enhance your business, polished concrete can help! These flooring systems are designed to be robust, resistant, and beautiful! No matter if you’re managing a retail location, grocery store, hotel, or even a hospital, polished concrete offers a quality flooring solution. Not to mention, polished concrete is USDA-compliant as it’s smooth, durable, and easy to clean, making this floor suitable for many different businesses!

    Industrial Polished Concrete: One of the most common environments for polished concrete floors, industrial facilities are always an exceptional choice for concrete polishing. These floors provide a smooth, strong surface for factories, distribution centers, warehouses, and many more industrial locations. Polished concrete can handle these facilities’ harsh demands without the fear of significant damage or premature replacement.

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    The Benefits of Concrete Polishing

    Polished concrete offers a broad range of benefits to homeowners and business owners. These benefits can save anyone time, money, and work, whether you’re maintaining your home or running a business! Below, you can see the various benefits concrete polishing has to offer:

    Eliminate Dusting: Ordinary, bare concrete is prone to what’s known as dusting. Dusting is when minute particles of dust are forced to the surface due to hydrostatic pressure. This occurrence results in a floor that constantly needs maintenance, costing you time and money. The concrete polishing process eliminates dusting, resulting in a floor that’s cleaner, easier to maintain, and saves money.

    Reflectivity: As concrete polishing leaves your floor with a glossy finish, which causes the concrete to be much more inherently reflective. This increased reflectivity can help home and business owners in several ways. Since these floors will reflect natural and incandescent light, your space will have more visibility, making it much safer! This also means you can use fewer lights to achieve proper visibility, saving you money on your utility bills!

    Resistance: Thanks to the concrete polishing process densifying the concrete, these floors are non-permeable, meaning they’ll repel liquids. This means your floor will be less susceptible to water damage, chemical damage, and staining! Save money and time with easier cleanup and by avoiding costly repairs due to water damage or staining.

    Durability: The concrete polishing process strengthens your concrete, making it remarkably durable. These concrete floors can withstand hard impacts, scratches, scrapes, and high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic without the worry of sustaining significant damage. This will save you money and time, avoiding frequent repairs or premature replacements!

    Benefits of Concrete Polishing

    Reduced Maintenance: Polished concrete doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as a bare concrete floor. These floors have a smooth finish that makes sweeping or dust mopping faster and simpler. Not to mention, polished concrete doesn’t need any type of wax or polish to maintain its glossy finish! If your polished concrete becomes hazy or dull, simply give it a quick mopping to restore its beautiful sheen!




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