How Epoxy Flooring Makes Industrial Facilities Safer

Apr 24, 2021 | Epoxy Flooring Tips

Industrial Floors

Working in an industrial setting is hard work and requires a lot of attention to detail for production to come out on time. One thing you don’t want to have to worry about in your facility is if it is safe for workers. Many accidents in industrial facilities happen from slips, trips, falls, and disorganization. Having an epoxy flooring system installed in your facility can actually keep your facility safer and protect against these incidents which can make for a more productive work area. Epoxy has many benefits that can make it a great fit for industrial facilities creating a safe work environment.

Epoxy Floors VS Traditional Polished Concrete

Industrial facilities have long been known to use polished concrete as their flooring solution so why make the switch now? Although polished concrete is a strong flooring solution it has sadly become a hazard in these facilities. Industrial facilities see a lot of foot traffic day in and day out and because of this, it is hard to see if the structural integrity of this flooring has been compromised. Epoxy is made for these situations where not only can it withstand the heavy loads of work found in places such as factories, but it can also withstand the foot traffic associated with these facilities. More facilities are switching to epoxy flooring systems because of the safety they provide over traditional polished concrete. While this can be a scary cost upfront for such a large facility, the cost of safety for the public and your workforce is priceless!

What Makes Epoxy the Safer Alternative?

While polished concrete has been the staple flooring choice for years, epoxy offers many safety features that industrial facilities have taken note of. These facilities have chosen to make the switch because of all the benefits that epoxy provides for their workspace making it a better place for employees to feel safe.


Epoxy is stronger than concrete when you crunch the numbers. Looking at a traditional polished concrete floor, it can carry up to 3000 pounds per square inch which seems pretty impressive. Compared to a thick coating of epoxy, however, it can’t measure up! Epoxy floors can carry a load of 10,000 pounds per square inch making this long-lasting flooring solution 3 times as strong as concrete.

Anti-Slip Properties

Industrial facilities have a lot of fast-paced hard work that comes day in and day out making the risk for falls increasingly high. There are two ways epoxy can help find a solution. First, epoxy has a high shine which can create a more reflective work area making spills more visible so they can be properly cleaned in time before they become a hazard. Second, there are options available to had anti-slip additives incorporated into your epoxy flooring that can give better traction making for a slip-resistant work area.

Resistance to Hazards

One of the top reasons to install an epoxy floor in your industrial facility is its resistance to industrial hazards. An epoxy floor coating can resist high temperatures, abrasions, and chemical spills. These floors are resistant to most industrial hazards and can withstand both corrosion and shock.

Clean and Safe Work Environment

Epoxy flooring is a seamless surface that actually repels dirt and dust making for easy cleanup. Stains won’t stick to this surface as epoxy is resistant to even the toughest of stains like grease, motor oil, gasoline, and other industrial liquids. These floors make the work environment safer for different reasons like anti-slip properties and high reflectivity. These floors even adhere to the color standards of OSHA making it an approved flooring choice for your industry.

Color Coding

Epoxy is very versatile with its design and this can be beneficial to industrial facilities for color-coding floors. This is important for designating zones in your workplace. This can include safety zones, forklift zones, and production zones. Keeping these areas separate is crucial to safety so you know where these zones are and don’t find yourself wondering in front of a forklift.

Keep Your Workplace Safe

There are many options for epoxy floors in your workplace that can make this space not only safe but personal to your company. There are different styles available from single solid colors to decorative flake epoxy that can give all the safety features necessary in style!