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Sep 8, 2021 | Epoxy Flooring Tips

Epoxy Flooring Systems: Offering Endless Customization

What is epoxy flooring, exactly? It represents a unique approach to residential, commercial and industrial renovations. It is a type of resinous mixture that forms a thick, durable overlay for your concrete flooring systems. It not only strengthens and reinforces your floor, but it also provides a decorative element to your home or business.

Epoxy flooring is simply too tough and sturdy of an option for you to pass up. It will not peel, scrape, deteriorate or chip upon installation. Also, with recent advancements in epoxy floor coatings, you personalize its appearance and incorporate different decorative elements. Now, we want to discuss a little more about you can transform your home or business with professional-grade epoxies.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is an incredibly popular option for home and business applications. It provides you with an affordable alternative to some of the more high-end systems, and you also have unlimited design options. If you own or operate a business, then you understand that presentation is everything.

Metallic epoxy is capable of mimicking unique designs that you would normally find in nature. This includes ripples of water, flowing lava, and even clod-like designs that make you feel as if you are floating through the sky. These beautiful 3-D floors will set your business apart from the rest of the competition!

Color Schemes and Design Options

Epoxy flooring systems offer you an array of options when it comes to customizing their appearance and layout. You can get creative with textures, colors and other visual elements that are at your disposal. Epoxy flooring is already reliable for its versatility and structural resilience, but the design options are what sets it apart from other systems.

Garage Coatings, Basements, and a Whole Lot More!

Epoxy floor coatings are versatile because they come in a wide range of applications. Why can upgrade your garage, basement, pool deck, backyard patio, and many other areas within your home? Epoxy provides your floor with extra resistance to chemicals, stains, and abrasions.

You should also keep in mind that climates tend to fluctuate. Depending on where you live, you are likely exposing your concrete floor to severe weather conditions, such as rain, snow and extreme heat. These conditions can affect your floor significantly, which is why you need to upgrade with professional-grade epoxy.

Certain areas of your home are supposed to be a haven from all regular demands and drudgery of your day-to-day life. Take this opportunity to revamp your basement or garage so that you can feel cozier and more at home!

Commercial Facilities and Businesses

Do you ever walk into a business and immediately notice the abysmal conditions? This can put a major damper on the overall shopping experience for your customers. Many business owners make the mistake of neglecting to upgrade their floors, which will ultimately affect their bottom line.

Don’t allow your floors to be the reason why customers won’t return to your business. Instead, install several coatings of decorative epoxy to attract more people and enhance their experience. Take this opportunity to customize a brand new flooring system with color schemes and designs that correspond to the branding of your business.

Warehouses, Factories, and Industrial Compounds

Professional-grade epoxy flooring will make a world of difference for large industrial facilities. It establishes a sturdy and damage-resistant surface with special markings that designate areas that are safe for your employees to traverse. Color coordination plays a huge role in these types of settings because it promotes a work environment that is both productive and hazard-free.

Also, epoxy flooring provides extra slip and skid resistance, which will go a long way in preventing accidents and potential injuries. Any fluids that spill onto the floor can create a hazardous situation for your employees. However, industrial epoxy floor coatings will limit and prevent any avoidable safety risks.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your floor is a big decision, which is why you should consider hiring our services. We perform repair and installation services for residents of Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our team of epoxy technicians can accommodate all of your needs and we will help guide you throughout the entire process. Call us today and we can offer you a free estimate!