Why Epoxy Flooring is Ideal for Healthcare Facilities

Apr 24, 2021 | Epoxy Flooring Tips

Health Care Facilities

There are many types of healthcare facilities available for all your healthcare needs from hospitals and doctor offices to nursing homes. Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for all medical facilities offering great benefits to keep them safe and looking their best.

Benefits Epoxy Offers Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are known for being some of the cleanest environments around and it is because they have to be. There are many things passing through medical facilities from trauma to the common cold and having a cleaner environment prevents things like diseases from spreading. Many different healthcare facilities can benefit from an epoxy flooring installation.


Hospitals serve many different people on a daily basis. Everything from trauma, childbirth, the flu, or a sprained ankle hospitals have seen it all. It is important to have flooring that is safe and durable for everything that a hospital goes through. Epoxy flooring systems are stain-resistant which can come in handy with the many spills that happen in a hospital setting. When an emergent trauma comes in you want peace of mind that your flooring can get you to your patient quickly and safely and have easy cleanup when they’re all patched up. This slip-resistant surface is useful when you have to go running down the hall for an emergency or if you’re in rehabilitation where grip is important for recovery.

Doctor Offices

Epoxy flooring can be beneficial in traditional doctor offices to give a sleek look while providing a strong surface. At a doctor’s office, you have heavy foot traffic all day not only from patients but also from the doctors and nurses on staff. This flooring ensures that no matter how hectic the day is, your floor will never fade or become damaged from the traffic it sees. These floors are also slip-resistant which can come in handy for both older and younger patients. Pediatric offices have children that constantly run around from excitement and having this resistance can prevent falls and injury.

Nursing Homes

The flooring in nursing homes is incredibly important because of the nature of this facility. Elderly patients are already at a fall risk and require a smooth surface to walk on to prevent slips and falls. This slip-resistant surface is perfect for nursing homes to keep patients safe from falling. Having an elderly patient fall can be a huge concern and the impact can be detrimental. Epoxy offers high reflectivity making it easier to see obstacles as well which can be beneficial for patients whose eyesight has begun to deteriorate.

Epoxy Floors VS Traditional Polished Concrete

Industrial facilities have long been known to use polished concrete as their flooring solution so why make the switch now? Although polished concrete is a strong flooring solution it has sadly become a hazard in these facilities. Industrial facilities see a lot of foot traffic day in and day out and because of this, it is hard to see if the structural integrity of this flooring has been compromised. Epoxy is made for these situations where not only can it withstand the heavy loads of work found in places such as factories, but it can also withstand the foot traffic associated with these facilities. More facilities are switching to epoxy flooring systems because of the safety they provide over traditional polished concrete. While this can be a scary cost upfront for such a large facility, the cost of safety for the public and your workforce is priceless!

Be Safe With Epoxy!

Healthcare facilities see an unimaginable amount of people every day no matter which facility you look at. No matter which facility it is, healthcare is an environment where safety and strength are important and epoxy floors can guarantee a safe environment that is strong enough to withstand heavy loads, foot traffic and is slip-resistant. This seamless surface repels dirt and dust alike making it easier to keep clean all while maintaining an antibacterial surface that makes bacteria hard to spread. There are many options for personalization so you can not only have a safe flooring option but a stylish one as well!